A website needn't cost the earth

Using our simple tool below, now you can find out exactly how affordable it can be.

1 How many pages do you expect your website will need to have?
2 Will the text for each page need writing?
S&F Can provide copy writing services to create content for your website.
3 Will the images for each page need to be sourced by us?
S&F has access to large volumes of stock photography and resident photographers to provide just the right shot for each page.
4 Please select a design style for your website to give us an idea of the time it will take to create.
5 Would you like your site optimised for all the major search engines?
Optimisation will get your website to the top of all the major search engine listings.
6 Would you like to be able to edit the words and pictures on your site using a simple in-browser editor?
7 Please select the type of site you require